Should be doing work but Lord of the Rings is on.. Hmm

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Can you follow me and my friend Kathryn on instagram: ISXKM
We do theatrical face paint..

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Comic Con hahaha

Comic Con hahaha

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I need a life. Pop art.

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The van is going to have the ride of its life.

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"You have so many faces in the crowd. If you can pick out one person and look them in the eye and let them know that you’re singing to them and you watch their reaction and, you know, make them feel special, like they’re not just a big mass, they’re an actual individual in the crowd, that’s the best thing. You know it’s always awesome to see somebody out there like really having a good time, connecting with you, and you point at them and you see that they saw that and they get really excited, that’s always cool. You feed off of the way the crowd reacts." - Kellin Quinn

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Fucking velvet roof

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